By Lisa Roberts

Thanksgiving Hostess Gift Ideas

It's Thanksgiving week! We're not sure how time flew so fast to get us here already, but we're happy that it's time to celebrate one of our favorite holidays!

If you are hosting Thanksgiving at your home this year you're probably busy making shopping lists, setting out your favorite serving dishes, and cleaning every little nook. If you're heading elsewhere for Thanksgiving you may be thinking about what hostess gift to bring to express your thankfulness that somebody else is doing all of that cooking and cleaning. Let us help with those Thanksgiving hostess gifts! We're highlighting some of our favorite ideas here:

Every hostess needs extra serving pieces!

Candles make every celebration, including Thanksgiving, a little brighter!

Keep the little ones entertained while their mom and dad prep the feast with these adorable turkey themed gifts!

We hope that you'll stop by to see us today, Tuesday, or Wednesday and let us help you pick out the perfect gift! Gobble Gobble!