By Bench Bookkeeping

Pineapples Galore

Pineapples are having a moment right now, and not just on the breakfast table. This delicious, vitamin-C filled fruit is also a super fun shape for everything from party supplies to home decor. Even though pineapples are popular, they're not exactly trendy. Pineapples are as classic as seersucker and monograms thanks to the fact that the pineapple is a symbol of hospitality. 

Love of the pineapple began with Christopher Columbus and his visit to the Caribbean Islands where he was presented with a fruit that looked like a pine cone. In Europe and in colonial America, pineapples were served to guests at meals to make guests feel welcome and special. Pineapples have long been a favorite decor motif, being carved into wooden banisters, cast as door knockers and gate posts, and woven into fabric used for drapes, napkins, tablecloths, and much more. 

Today the pineapple still symbolizes hospitality, but in many cases it also represents fun! We love classic pineapples on beautiful letter-pressed stationery just as much as we love fun pineapple drink holders that are perfect for an afternoon at the pool or lake. 

Make your space and parties more welcoming by adding some pineapples!