By Lisa Roberts

Are you ready for the Switch Witch?

You know Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, but do you know the Switch Witch? Are you ready for the Switch Witch to visit?

The Switch Witch is a fun tradition that solves the problem of sugar overload. Like those other famous nighttime visitors, the Switch Witch comes when your little ones are sound asleep. After your trick-or-treaters have eaten their share of candy and gone to bed, she flies in on her broomstick, scoops up all of that extra, sugary candy,  and leaves a small present behind. The Switch Witch makes Halloween extra fun thanks to her gift-giving and makes this holiday a little bit healthier too. 

We love the Switch Witch and her spooky, sneaky ways and want to help her out! We have tons of baby and kid items that are perfect for Switch Witch presents! Keep the Halloween and dress-up fun going after October 31st! (Pro tip: All Halloween goodies, including the zombie and sugar skull tattoos are not 25% off.)

Endless dress-up fun!

There's no sugar in these coloring kits!These mask kits are fun for playing pretend post-Halloween