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Purple Pewi Elite Y Bike

by NSG
Pewi is your friend for early walking, early riding!

Pewi's friendly design has curved legs and caster wheels that spin 360 degrees.

Grasp the sturdy handle that looks like a smiling face, then take off walking and running!

Turn it around and sit comfy while pushing off with your feet and propelling yourself along!

The sturdy casters won't mark floors, and kids can start using it as young as 9 months; they can keep riding it until they're 36 months, or 44 pounds!

Kids work on balance, posture, coordination, spacial awareness, and build confidence in their walking movements. They control the direction of Pewi Elite with its free-spinning casters.

So how is the Elite different from the Pewi you already know and love? It comes in 3 fabulous new colors: blue, green, and purple. The leg angle offers more support and balance. And the black EVA seat is soft and comfortable.

Walk, run, ride, but get out and play!

  • A walking, riding balance bike for toddlers
  • Encourages gross motor skill development
  • Strengthens balance, coordination, strength, spacial awareness
  • Casters have non-mark surface and spin 360 degrees
  • Puncture resistant wheels
  • Choose 1 of 3 colors: blue, purple, green
  • Pewi Elite has a padded seat for extra comfort
  • Start walking at 9 months, and ride up to 36 months
  • Weight limit: 44 pounds
  • Simple assembly required
  • Dimensions: 22 x 18 x 18 inches

    Note: This is not a baby walker.

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