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Pop Culture Binge Care Kit


Rewatching Gilmore Girls is our favorite thing. Could it be yours? Regardless of the show-- Set your loved one up for success with this fun kit! Perfect to help support friends during a tough time, for a birthday, pre-finals encouragement, or a random Wednesday! 

Select one of the show options and we'll create a box of goodies to match it. From mugs or books to stickers and a foodie snack, each box will bring you joy! 

Do you watch anything and everything? Try the Assorted Favs! It will be an assortment as random and wonderful as your 'Watch It Again' category on Netflix. Parks and Rec, Gilmore Girls, Real Housewives, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, to name a few possibilities! 

Please leave your gift message in the CUSTOM MESSAGE box before adding this item to your shopping cart. 

*Individual items are subject to availability but not to worry - if something is out of stock, we'll swap it for a similar and equally awesome item.

**Interested in adding or subbing products? Leave a message in the CUSTOM MESSAGE box or inquire by email! Contact Lisa at

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