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Nom-Nom-Nirvana Foodie Gift Box


Introducing the "Nom-Nom-Nirvana Box," a joyride for your taste buds that'll make foodies go weak in the knees and squeal with delight! This culinary extravaganza packs more flavors than a chatty parrot on a sugar rush. Brace yourself for gastronomic rollercoasters with surprises like truffle-infused treasures and cheese so fancy it wears a monocle. Get ready to unleash your inner foodie beast and experience a taste bud carnival like no other - this box will have you saying, "Oh my yum!" in five different languages!

Box includes:

Up Up Dark Chocolate 

Mama Teav's Hot Garlic 

Jacobsen's Salt Slider 

Mike's Hot Honey

Sea Salt Crunch Popcorn 

Brightland Oil 

Big Midwest Energy Sticker 

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